Sunny Teo

Creative Director

Sunny Teo

UC Davis the University: A Spirit Campaign

The “UC Davis, One of a Kind, Like You” campaign is the evolution of the previous “One UC Davis” initiative. Supported by a manifesto, a series of profile videos, numerous campus installations, social media and a contest, this integrated program has deepened university spirit with the campus community and visitors alike.

Central to this campaign is the profiles of thirty folks from across the campus. Students, alumni, faculty and staff. Each a unique story. Each brought credence to UC Davis as a special place.

Social media platforms involving Youtube, Facebook and Instagram have been in place to track engagement which has topped 470,000 impressions and more than 335,000 views since the September 2015 launch. Scheduled contests celebrating uniqueness spurred conversation and participation across the community.

  • Role Writer/Art Director/Creative Driector

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